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Invidia Downpipe HS08SW1DPN Subaru Impreza WRX 2008-2012

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Invidia Downpipe HS08SW1DPN Subaru Impreza WRX 2008-2012

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For a strong boost in power; the Invidia Down Pipe offers an alternative to other power-boosting enhancements. To see just how much power the Invidia Downpipe can produce; a quick look at its dyno chart shows it easily added several horsepower to the stock exhaust system. Each Invidia Downpipe features a large 4 inch Stainless Steel bellmouth to enhance power by freeing excess gas. The Invidia Downpipe sports a one-piece design; eliminating the need for the stock catalytic converter. In addition; each Invidia Downpipe can be bolted up to any Invidia Exhaust or a stock exhaust for an easy installation. Downpipe
Divided Wastegate
Engine :-
Aspiration :- T
Vehicle Engine Options :- EJ255;EJ257
Vehicle Interior Options :- ALL Aspiration: T
Vehicle Exterior Options :- Fuel: ALL-ALL
Cylinder Type :-
Vehicle Options :- Piping 76mm